With the Philosophy of providing superior products to our customers, Fhom Alimentos was established in April 1994. The letters F, H, O and M represent the initials of the family members, and it is with family spirit that we like to manage our business with agility and dedication.

Initially, producing a line of Potato Chips, Straw Potatoes, Special Toast and Croutons, we have always had principles such as technological innovation of food, differentiated presentation of products (in new formats and packaging) and, moreover, we have an extra affection in the manufacture of same, with a love that only those who are part of the family can pass.

In 2013, at the invitation of one of the main retailers in Brazil and with the supervision of the certifiers ECOCERT and SVB, we launched our organic line, Bem Orgânico, with the first Chips and Organic Straw of the country, and the traditional toast line, now organic in various formats. In order to serve customers with food restrictions, in 2016 we set up a new manufacturing plant, where we manufacture our Tapioca Biscuits with Quinoa and with Flax and Amaranth. Both made with the strictest control, for non-contamination with gluten, lactose, soy, among others.

We believe and work so that everyone involved, from the rural producer to the final consumer of our products, is happy and satisfied.

So we will make sure that we do our job in the best possible way and that it was worth it.


To meet the needs of our customers, creating new, pure and healthy food products with total quality, thus providing a rewarding return and rewarding for all.


Customers are not all the same and therefore, each company establishes its philosophy of work. Thinking about this is that FHOM dedicates itself entirely to its customers, trying to understand their needs and doing their best to satisfy them.